What to Eat at Rogers Centre – Toronto Blue Jays Game

“Sorry buddy,” the eager man said to me after he mistakenly stepped on my heal as I was leaving Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario. It took everything in my power not to reply, “I’m not your buddy, guy.” A few more beers would have done it. Lost opportunity.

“Look at this,” Matt said as we walked out of the stadium. “The CN Tower is just right here. I feel like it gets taken for granted.” Matt is a guy I work with who lives in Ottawa but spent a few years living in Toronto. He’s always up for an excuse to attend an event and he’s generally more optimistic and enthusiastic about life than Bill Walton.

He’s right. There are some baseball stadiums that have turned into national monuments. Wrigley Field in Chicago and Fenway Park in Boston, are easy examples. Stadiums that are so old and so full of history, people plan vacations around their visits to them. But I can’t think of another baseball stadium that has a nationally recognized figure like the CN Tower literally on the same lot. This was my third Toronto Blue Jays game and I tend to forget about it now.

Maybe one reason for my neglect is that Rogers Centre has had the roof closed each time I have attended. Baseball indoors has always been weird to me. The best part about seeing a baseball game live is that it feels like a picnic. It’s usually warm weather, you have a few beers and hot dogs with your friends, and you just hang. There are 162 games in a regular season so there’s little need to get overly passionate about the one particular game you are watching. It’s a perfect sport to casually watch while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your company while getting sun burnt.

Rogers Centre will open its roof one day though. If this winter ever ends. The stadium is well known for the hotel that is attached to the outfield which I am all about. I don’t know why, but Canadians love to attach hotels to stadiums and I support the cause. I’m a sucker for anything weird and quirky about a ballpark. Do whatever your heart desires. My only rule is don’t be boring.

Unfortunately, the beer selection at Rogers Centre is incredibly boring. How did one of the most diverse cities in the world sell its soul to become the Budweiser capital of North America? Seriously, Toronto. We have all moved on from fizzy, bland water-beer in the states for a quite a few damn years now. It’s time to catch up. And outside of poutine and one smoked meat sandwich stand, I didn’t find too many unique food offerings either.

“Oh, don’t worry, we have both kinds of food options here at Roger Centre. We have a hot dog AND a much larger hot dog!”

Which brings me…

To the food!

Have to have it


Because Canada

Pass it

Hot Dog and Pretzel Bites

I was so excited for this combo. What an offering the Rogers Centre gods hathe offered me. I wanted to love it so much. But the pretzel bites tasted stale and hot dog bun fell apart before I could even lift it. Sigh.

Beer Price per Ounce Meter

25 oz Domestic Tall Cans $15 CAD. $0.60 per ounce (roughly $0.48 USD)
Premium Draught Beer 14 oz $9 CAD. $0.64 per ounce (roughly $0.51 USD)
Premium Draught Beer 20 oz $12.75. $0.64 per ounce (roughly $0.51 USD)
Domestic Draught Beer 14 oz $7.50. $0.54 per ounce (roughly $0.43 USD)
Domestic Draught Beer 20 oz $10.75. $0.54 per ounce (roughly $0.43 USD)

A Minnesota Wild Game As Described by Five Prince Songs

My trip to Minneapolis, Minnesota welcomed me with -5 degree weather and why not? When you travel you should travel like a local. This analysis of Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul is dedicated to the area’s favorite and most famous local son (may he rest in peace). Below is my visit to a Minnesota Wild game as described by five Prince songs.

Life Can Be So Nice

Have you ever talked to someone that is just a little too nice? It took about 20 minutes in a Lyft to get from downtown Minneapolis to the Minnesota Wild’s Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul and by the time we reached our destination I think the driver was ready to adopt us as family members and give us the shirt off his back for warmth. The week was full of frigid temperatures and crappy weather. WHY IS EVERYONE SO HAPPY HERE!?!?

Did you know St. Paul Minnesota was named after a chapel that was established in the area by a Catholic French Canadian minister? Why no I did not overly nice and educational Lyft driver.

Joyful Sound

Walking into the stadium was a bizarre sound experience. I don’t know if it was the acoustics or how the seats are spaced away from the entrance but I literally couldn’t hear any game action in the outside concession area until we stepped up to the tops of the aisles. You usually can hear the crowd, announcers, game action, etc. Not here though. Nothing.

Let’s Go Crazy 

Played after every Minnesota Wild goal. What a city.

Sexy M.F.

During a timeout in the game, the every-popular kiss cam started up on the jumbotron and I counted three out of five men sporting mustaches. Seriously it was like Matt Hamilton appearing over and over again.


My food of choice was a bacon wrapped hot dog with coleslaw and Louisiana hot sauce. The dog was delicious with plenty helpings coleslaw. It could have used a little more hot sauce and the bun was unspectacular. It gets an A+ for creativity though.


Beer price per ounce

Local Cans: 16 ounces for $11. $0.69 per ounce. (Options: Summit EPA, Surly Furious, Fulton Lonely Blonde, Bent Paddle Golden IPA, Castle Danger Cream Ale, Insight Sunken City Saison)

Michelob Golden Light Draft: 16 ounces for $10. $0.625 per ounce.