Scouring the earth for the best sports stadium food and other highly sophisticated thoughts that you should never listen to.

Hey, I’m Cameron and I go to a lot of events. One of the sure ways I have found I can get my girlfriend to attend all the random sports events around the country with me is to promise her we’ll eat some bomb ass stadium food (preferably something with fake cheese). When we travel, I can never quite find what I want in terms of stadium food recommendations on the endless interwebs, so I figured what the hell? I will step up and create this much-needed resource. I’m here for mankind.

An important disclaimer: I don’t know anything. We tend to favor more “classic” stadium food. Hot dogs, burgers, and beer. Lots and lots of beer. That isn’t to say we don’t like some higher end fare at stadiums – especially if it’s a local vendor – but in the end, we’re attending a sports event, not a fine dining establishment that has a yearlong waiting list and costs half of your rent.

This blog is really just an excuse to write, and maybe discover some new stuff. It will mostly be about stadium food, experience, architecture and maybe other random musings. Feel free to send me suggestions or fun food happenings at a stadium near you.